Sunday, July 27, 2008

18 months from now

At church today, one of the speakers was a young woman who is leaving to serve as a missionary for 18 months in Pennsylvania. She gave a great talk, and in the middle of it, I started thinking about how she will be speaking to us again 18 months from now. Some of us will be taller; we'll all be older; most of us will be better or worse than we are today. She'll look out at us, and to her, we will seem to have changed in an instant.

For some reason, this made me really think about the little everyday decisions we all make that slowly, like geological weathering, shape us into different people. After 18 months of living one day at a time, who will I be? Will I be better or worse? Closer to Christ or farther away? If I could jump ahead 18 months and see the changes in myself, would I be pleased?

So I wrote down some of the hopes I have for the next 18 months. I'll read them in February 2010. Even if I haven't changed in all the ways I want to, it can't hurt to have a reminder of what I'm aiming for.

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Harmony said...

Great thoughts Tamary. "Line upon line" is definitely the way to go. Thanks for sharing.