Friday, August 22, 2008

First week of school

Highlights from our first week back to school:

-We finished reading the Bill of Rights and started into the rest of the amendments. (T. likes to tell people what the four freedoms are in the First Amendment. I think that's all he learned, but hey, he's 6.)

-We finished Moroni. But we're not done with the Book of Mormon. We're reading Ether next. There really is a logical reason for this.

-We started reading A Christmas Carol. Yes. In August. It was A.'s turn to pick the read-aloud and that's what she picked.

-We figured out where everyone is in math and what they need to review.

-We scheduled the week with the kids' new planners. I'm tired of hearing, "Why didn't you tell me we had to do that today?" Now I just have to remember to do the planning with them in the first place so I won't hear, "Why didn't you plan that with us?"

-We started a tradition of going to Arctic Circle for shakes on the first day of school. I like traditions that involve chocolate.

What I learned:

-Taking a long summer break makes it a lot harder to get back into our school routine. It has been the Week of Many Whines.

-. . . But the kids are secretly glad to get back into our school routine. All the whining is just for show.

-It would feel better to be 100% done with school planning before starting school. (See progress bar in side column.) But it works OK this way too.

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Anonymous said...

Tamary I can really understand trying to finish getting ready for school while still going forward and doing it. LOL! What a crazy life we have chosen, right? But I know I wouldn't change it for the world.