Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gotta love this guy!

M. came to me with a book she was reading, You Wouldn't Want to Be an Aristocrat in the French Revolution! by Jim Pipe. (Can't really argue with that title, can you?) She said, "You'll like this." In a sidebar titled "Famous Last Words" it says:

As he is about to be hanged, the Marquis de Favras is handed his death sentence, written out by a court clerk. "I see," says the Marquis, reading it over, "that you have made three spelling mistakes."

The Marquis has inspired me. I've decided I want my last printed words to be something like, "Tamary is not responsible for any errors in this obituary; she was not available to proofread it before it went to press."

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Lisa said...

I had to double-check to make sure you'd included the semi-colon between "obituary" and "she." You did. Flawless.