Sunday, May 10, 2009


T. has been playing coach-pitch baseball for the last few weeks. Mike has trained all of us to be baseball fans, and T. was excited to have his first experience actually playing.

He's the only lefty on his team.

Coach-pitch baseball is a great thing for young kids. Your own coach pitches to you, trying to let you get a hit. After four throws without a hit, the batter hits the ball off a tee, so every player gets to run to first base every time they're up to bat. You can only run one base at a time. The fielding team does try to field the ball and throw it to a base, but even if they beat the runner, nobody's out. It's very non-competitive. I've heard both coaches and parents from both teams cheering for good hits and good throws, no matter which team accomplished them.

Apparently his favorite parts are "batting, catching, running, throwing, and treats."

This is my favorite picture -- waiting in the shade for the game to start, with his mitt on and ready.

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Cori said...

Go Thomas! Looks like lots of fun!