Friday, May 1, 2009

Visit at your own risk

There are insects in my kitchen.
The kids watch them fly.
The bacteria have started
To greatly multiply.
The bread on the counter
Is nicely growing mold.
And these jars of water stink--
It’s a good sign, I’m told.
I would surely love to have
A visit from you,
But you might want to wait
Till biology class is through!


Lisa said...

Boy, now we're REALLY excited to come over for lunch. :)

Tamary said...

I promise to keep all the experiments contained!

Reg said...

I really wish you were closer to me!

Harmony said...

I found a word game website I think you and your kids would get a kick out of. Check out And it's for a good cause too!

Cori said...

Yeah, we're asking you to bring napkins to the next family dinner, lol!

Tamary said...

Cori -- Sure, but how do you know the napkins aren't being used for experiments too?