Friday, September 25, 2009

Goodbye, summer!

I had to get a blanket the other night! (A thin blanket, but still...) I'm always glad when fall comes. It's my favorite season. There's only one thing I will miss about summer: Tomato sandwiches. Thick slices of a ripe garden tomato, wheat bread, Miracle Whip, and salt and pepper. Heaven.

I honestly can't think of anything else I will miss.

What about you?


Lisa said...

I'll miss the long daylight hours and the light traffic, but nothing else. Not the mosquitoes, not the humidity. Well, ok, and the tomatoes. I'll miss the tomatoes too.

Holly said...

I miss having the sun up until nearly 10pm, and swimming in the pool with my kids and drying off in the sun. And my friend bringing me fresh raspberries from her raspberry bush. Mmmm--I love raspberries!

Myranda Holgerson said...

That's *exactly* how I love my tomato sandwiches!:-)

Mmmm, raspberries!! I also miss my boysenberries, but that was only in the early summer, so I've been missing them for a while already.

Fall is my favorite season as well - I've always said it's because I'm a Fall baby:-) The crisp air and beautiful Autumn leaves:-)