Monday, November 30, 2009

Poetry 13

Here's another poem I like, told from the point of view of a child who's still adjusting to a new sibling. I know the authors' names from their book Tales from Shakespeare, but apparently they also wrote poetry together.

The First Tooth
by Charles and Mary Lamb

Through the house what busy joy,
Just because the infant boy
Has a tiny tooth to show!
I have got a double row,
All as white, and all as small;
Yet no one cares for mine at all.
He can say but half a word,
Yet that single sound's preferred
To all the words that I can say
In the longest summer day.
He cannot walk, yet if he put
With mimic motion out his foot,
As if he thought he were advancing,
It's prized more than my best dancing.

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Reg said...

Oh my goodness! This is the perfect poem for Micah and Joshua! It fits so perfectly! Thanks for sharing! I am putting this in a scarpbook!!