Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I learned at pack meeting

Be careful what you wear.

Our brand-new-to-Cub-Scouts son went to his first pack meeting this week and got his Bobcat award that he worked hard to earn in time. Mike and I were standing there smiling like proud parents when the Cubmaster gave T. a pin and said, "This is for your mom. Go pin it on her."

The last time I went to a pack meeting was when my brothers were little and my mom made me go to theirs. So I had completely forgotten about this custom, and I was wearing a T-shirt. No lapel or flap for a boy to safely and easily skewer. T. approached with a bewildered look on his face, having no idea how to even unclasp the pin, let alone figure out where to put it. After an awkward moment, I just held out my hand for the pin and said, "How about if I pin it on later?"

Add to my to-do list: 1. Teach T. how to work those little pins. 2. Iron my button-down shirt with collar and convenient pocket flaps. 3. Research any other Cub Scout customs that require wardrobe planning.


Cori said...

HAHA! That's funny! Reminds me of Brian Regan's pin the tail on my neck joke. "Take on Cub Scout. Blindfold him. Spin him around and let him go." But I like that they recognize the moms, cause you know they do a lot of work for those awards too!

Harmony said...

Our ward avoids the issue altogether by putting the pin on a narrow Cub Scout-colored ribbon which the Cub can then hang around his mother's neck. I highly recommend it!