Monday, December 27, 2010

My morning project

I'm organizing my living room this morning, with Christmas songs still going through my head, and this is the result.

When I clean out my couches,
To my surprise I see:
12 paper clips
11 board game pieces
10 candy wrappers
9 broken crayons
8 chocolate chips
7 ballpoint pens
6 corroded pennies
5 Chee-ri-os!
4 pattern blocks
3 hair bands
2 remote controls
And a book from the li-bra-ry.

(Sometimes I think a horse could fit down between those cushions!)


Harmony said...

Very cute! My couch is quite similar to your song, except that candy wrappers would be at the top of the list (at least 12!), and paper clips would be closer to the bottom. Oh, and Legos would have to replace hair bands, since I don't have girls. :-)

Cori said...

Awesome! But HEY-- are those pieces from the board game I lent you? HAHAHA!

Anna Ramirez said...

Tamary, Every time I think you are as amazing as anyone could get, I find out you can do more! My daughters are earnestly striving to learn the new song...