Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hiking, part 3

Week 7 - Pipeline Trail - Moderately easy

This week we wanted to go up into the canyons for a longer hike but not a strenuous one. So we headed to Millcreek Canyon to hike part of the Pipeline Trail. There are several sections. We started at Church Fork and went as far as Burch Hollow, then came back. From the trailhead it was 3.4 miles round trip. We actually parked along the main road and walked up past the picnic areas to the trailhead, which probably added another .3 or .4 miles total but allowed us to enjoy the shade, birds, and waterfalls along the picnic area road.

Once we got onto the main trail, it was fairly flat with a few ups and downs. There was quite a lot of shade and a nice breeze. Millcreek Canyon trails have a lot of bikers and people walking dogs, but all the ones we met were courteous.

Several pieces of the old water pipeline are still visible next to the trail.

Every now and then we would come out onto a bend and get a great view of the canyon and the Salt Lake Valley off in the distance.

With a longer hike this time, we got the chance to practice patience with each other. (Some of us practiced harder than others.) But we made it to the end with good moods fairly intact.

Now we're heading into the part of our summer where weekly hikes will become difficult, as various family members will be busy with activities. But that's still our goal -- we'll see how it goes!

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