Friday, January 3, 2014

Old year, new year

Is it just me, or did 2013 go by on fast-forward? It's been a strange but good year. We've had a daughter start college and start driving (there is nothing quite like the feeling of riding in the passenger seat knowing exactly how inexperienced the driver next to you is). We've had children get older and taller and smarter. We've had the big change of my mother moving to a care center, then having the care center and its staff and residents become part of our lives as we visit. This change caused some major readjustments in our family and home as I realized how much of my time and focus had revolved around caring for and worrying about her for the past several years.

This year may bring some big changes too, but right now I'm fine with not knowing exactly what they'll be. I have plenty of ongoing goals and ways I want to improve this year, little by little. My house is slowly getting decluttered again and I need to do the same with my time. Right now, though, if I can get all the dishes washed and update the budget and cook our belated Christmas dinner, the day will be a success.

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