Thursday, July 3, 2008


Last weekend we camped overnight at Wasatch Mountain State Park. Several of our kids have been camping before with grandparents or just with Dad, but this was the first time we went as a family.

Mike was very proud of his fire.

The next day we stopped at the state park visitor's center. The photo is of M. feeding the geese and ducks at the huge fishing pond there.

I learned some things:

1. Don't forget my pillow next time. A backpack is no substitute.

2. A sleeping bag and the tent floor are not enough between me and the ground anymore.

3. Even camping for one night requires bringing much more stuff than I expected.

4. 60 SPF sunscreen is my friend.

5. Looking at the stars in the middle of the night, away from light pollution, is worth all the work it took to get there.


Lisa said...

Okay, I totally thought the picture of M feeding the ducks was YOU!

Myranda Holgerson said...

So glad you're blogging! I LOVE the photo of you reading - so YOU!:-)
I agree the ground has become too hard over the last several years - why is that?;-P Glad you had a great get-away!:-)

Harmony said...

Fun to catch up with you in the blogosphere! I'm an air mattress camper these days too. :-)