Thursday, July 10, 2008

Practical Application

We own at least 5 different books about teaching children to take responsibility and get along with each other. Here are some things the kids said today. You can see how well the books are working.

1. "I rinsed 6 dishes and my arms are getting really sore."
2. "You said not to put the books on the piano. You didn't say I had to put them away."
3. "You already made me sort my laundry and now you want me to set the table. You treat me like a slave!"
4. "If I clean up the Legos then I won't get to bed on time and it will be your fault."
5a. "She got the game out, so she should put it away."
5b. "He played the game more, so he should put it away."
5c. "She didn't put the game away last time, so she should put it away."
6a. "She made a mean face at me."
6b. "Well, he called me a liar."
6c. "I wish I didn't have a sister!"

What? You say owning the books isn't enough? I have to apply them? Well, I was tempted today to take the heaviest book off the shelf and apply it to each child in turn, but I resisted.


Arborist said...

Ha, ha! My "responsibility books" sit on my bookshelf in plain sight so I can feel well-read on the subject. I try to to put them to "good use" very often!

Harmony said...

Oh this so resembles the words that I've been hearing all summer. Only two weeks until school starts. Yippee!