Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miracles of all sizes

Yesterday around 6 AM I was on my way to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to be part of the very first shift of ushers for the public tours. There were 6 of us traveling together, since one of the men had offered to drive us in his 12-passenger van. We were headed down a highway when out of nowhere a deer came running across the road. I barely caught a glimpse of it before the van slammed right into it.

The airbags deployed. The van swerved. Somehow the driver was able to get us over to the shoulder of the road and stop. We could hardly believe what had happened -- it was over in seconds.

After a moment we all got out. The two men went back down the road, picking up pieces of the van and confirming that the deer was off the road. The van's front end was demolished and liquid was pouring out of the radiator. The owners of the van started making the necessary phone calls to insurance, towing company, and a relative to come and help. Amazingly, it appeared that nobody was hurt. (Except the deer, unfortunately, but we couldn't do anything about that.)

About three minutes later, a vehicle pulled over. It was another lady from our ward who was on her way to the same assignment. The van owners told the rest of us to go on with her. We agreed, although we felt bad for this couple having to miss helping at the temple, which they had really been looking forward to.

The rest of us got to the temple and did our training. Just before we were to start our shifts, we looked over and saw that this couple had arrived! Their son had come with a truck and towed the van to their home, and they had driven their other vehicle to the temple in time to participate.

I'm sure someone could point at what happened that morning and say it was just coincidence, but I believe otherwise. Probably all or most of us had prayed that morning for safe travel. All of us were eager to volunteer our time to help at the temple, the Lord's house. These things don't always prevent disaster, but this time we were blessed with miracles. None of us was injured. We didn't cause anyone else on the road to have an accident. Help arrived quickly. None of us had to miss the opportunity to serve at the temple.

And it's a beautiful temple. Make sure you tour it if you can. The open house runs from June 1 to August 1. Reservations are required, but they're easy to arrange here.


Kelly said...

That is an amazing story. I am a firm believer in miracles happening everyday. I am glad you are safe.

I get to go through the temple on Sat. with my family. I can't wait.

Cori said...

How scary! I am glad you are ok! Heavenly Father knew you had important work to do. After surviving my kids and a deer hit all in one week, you can do anything, lol!