Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to school

We started school today. This is our first year having a connection with the public school schedule. M. is taking seminary (LDS religion class) at the local junior high school, so we're jumping into the confusing world of A days and B days, "early out Fridays," and assembly days. Maybe after a while my brain won't overheat when I try to figure out what time Mary's supposed to be there.

All the kids were excited to start. Of course they've been learning things and reading all summer, but I think they are more than ready to go back to a more structured day.

I'm excited too. We have some fun plans and some great resources. We're going to study astronomy and geology before Christmas and physics afterward. M. and A. both want to work on their math, so that's going to be a main focus of our year. We'll resume swimming lessons sometime soon, and I'm hoping M. and A. will finally break through into independent swimming. (If you have any tips for reluctant swimmers, I'd love to hear them!)

And then there are the group activities. It's nice to have so many homeschoolers in our area because there are plenty of groups for the kids to participate in, but because there are so many, we have to make hard decisions about how many is too many.

We've had a good start today and we're looking forward to a good year of learning!

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Lisa said...

Tip for reluctant swimmers: How reluctant are we talking about? Like, won't put their facein the water, or won't learn proper stroke technique? Throwing quarters onto the bottom of the pool (starting shallow intially and moving deeper). Greed is good [for swimming].