Friday, August 21, 2009

The blood drive report

A few weeks ago, my friend Lisa suggested a hint for preventing bruises after giving blood. (Nothing fancy, just raising your arm over your head for several minutes right after the blood is drawn.) Today there was a blood drive* at our church, and I was planning to try Lisa's strategy. Here's how it went.

Lab coat guy: (Removing needle) Keep some pressure on that and hold it up in the air. ... Okay, let's check it ... Oops, it's still bleeding. Hold it up again. ... Hmmm. It's still bleeding. ... Wow. It's bleeding a lot. ... Well, I'll just wrap the bandage really tight, and you sit here with an ice pack on your arm for ten minutes. What? Is that too tight? (No, I wasn't planning on bending my elbow or feeling my fingers for the rest of the day anyway.)

Conclusion: I think the experiment was compromised and will have to be redone. But not for a good long while.

* Giving blood isn't one of my favorite things, but the guilt** makes me do it. That's how it goes when you're type O, healthy, and haven't been out of the country in the last 3 years.

** Okay, it's not just guilt, it's also very nice to help people, and that's worth a little time and discomfort. I just wish they would come up with a Star Trek option that doesn't involve needles. "Beam out a pint, Scotty! Oh, what the heck, take two!"


Reg said...

I did not think you were a fan! I did not remember that about you! I also remember applesause and meds! I know you are going to erase this right! I love you!!!

Lisa said...

I'll add a caveat to my advise: "Does not work when tech hits an artery."

Also doesn't work when they overshoot the vain and poke right through to the other side. I've had that happen twice.

Cori said...

Well, I admire your bravery! The first and last time I donated blood was in college. I passed out afterwards and they put me on a stretcher in front of some busy stairs in the Wilk and hoardes of people were walking by gawking. I haven't gotten up the nerve to do it again.