Monday, June 28, 2010

Poetry 16

In 1966 a book of my great-aunt's poems was published by the Utah State Poetry Society. Here's one of my favorites.

Rain: Crayon by a Child
by Lael W. Hill

First green, gold as an edge of April
(she at the opening April of her years)
grows thick as wax across
her studied painting, a field, a grassy fill.

Beyond, perhaps a river --
white with blue currents wavering -- flows
like time, between
this green, that warming valley-and-rise
of orange road.

Centered there, house tiny as a thimble
stands pink for what she knows of love;
air's width above,
the tunneling clouds roll over, over,
dark as threat or dream.

Rain heavy with blue drops down,
boulders pouring from the sky
a stony wall of rain,
yet never dents the happy little house
nor ruts the roadway.

And look -- along the churn
of cloud, all-colors curl and shine
where twice the sun sings, in each upper corner,
before and after storm.

1 comment:

Harmony said...

I love the way it describes what every child has surely drawn at least once in their life. :-)