Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poetry 17

I love thinking about Emily Dickinson's poems, how the few words fit together like a puzzle box to express an idea. This one captures the moment of choice when a desire becomes -- or doesn't become -- an action.

A Deed Knocks First at Thought
by Emily Dickinson

A deed knocks first at thought,
And then it knocks at will.
That is the manufacturing spot,
And will at home and well.

It then goes out an act,
Or is entombed so still
That only to the ear of God
Its doom is audible.


Deborah Raymond said...

I find it interesting that poetry can be like music to some, and a very difficult and frustrating experience for others (like myself). I wish I felt what you feel when reading these.

Reg said...

I love her work!

Holly said...

I love that last stanza--oh,the power of thoughts!

Tamary said...

I like the last stanza too. It's interesting to think about the poem two ways -- in the context of a negative thought becoming a desire to do something negative, then quelling that thought and not acting on it; and then to read it as having a positive thought and desire, but then not acting on it. In either case, only God understands what we didn't do but could have.